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How to use

Tube Type

Illustration of tube type usage
  1. Open component B tube and trim the tip for about 6mm
  2. Hold component B tube upright to avoid spilling and slowly squeeze the air out. Inject component A into component B tube by squeezing.
  3. After squeezing out about 2/3 of the air, close the component B with the applicator cap tightly
  4. Hold component B upright and mix thoroughly for about 5 minutes
  5. Trim the applicator cap just below the tip
  6. Discharge a small amount from the tube for pretest and apply


  1. Open the retaining nut at the top of the cartridge, and close the retaining nut, after removing disk and nose plug, and inserting mixer into the bezel.
  2. After the dispenser installation, pull the trigger for a small amount to confirm the color and fluidity, before applying onto the surface for joining.
  3. It is recommended to use the entire quantity within the time limit (about 10 min).

Take time(min.) to process with 2c-ad at 23℃

Type Rapid Normal Slow
Prepare to Work 7~13 min. 14~20 min. 22~30 min.
Fix to Join 15~22 min. 25~32 min. 45~52 min.